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27 Mar 2020
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Hello guys and welcome
yes like most of you thought now this is the old VictorSRO server since 2012 it never closed but just added a lot of features to it so here we go ;)


☬Server Info☬

☬Starter Package☬


Max Stacks

here in VictorSRO we have 3 different types of items
1 - D14 Legend which as we mentioned above is totally for free in NPC +11 and FB max
2 - D15 Legend you can get it in 2 different ways
*Upgrade any D14 Legend +20 item to D15 Legend
*Buy D15 Legend +20 From Donate NPC
3 - D15 Legend Powerful you can get it with
*Upgrade from D15 Legend +20 item + 10 Rebirth Points
we will explain both upgrades and rebirth system later in this topic


there is 4 types of coins we will explain how to get all of them

1 - Victor Golden Coin

> *Drop from all kind of uniques
> *Drop from Mobs Level 130 In Samarkand
> *Drop from mobs in Arabia Cost Area
2 - Victor Platinum Coin

> *You get it from Reward from Arena Manager "Arena Flag"
> *you can also get it from Trade "make trade 5* and deliver it to receive 100 Platinum Coin
3 - Arena Coin

> *Drop from mobs in Baghdad
> *Drop from the mobs that spawn from Pandora's Box
4 - Donate Coin

> *basically from its name it's Donate only
> *but you can still get it from Roc Event
> *you can get it from Uniques Rank Too "Monthly"


sorry if i wasted your precious time but i tried to resize it to make the topic looks good
now let's start with our features and why VictorSRO ?
well in the beginning it's a very old server with trusted owners it was online since 5 years "20/8/2012" was beta open and it hasn't close since then
our server depends on fair-play so it's no pay2win or pay2play etc it's just full option which means if you want to play hard and reach your goal you will do it with an extra fun and plays around
on the other hand if you want to pay for easy play you can do it the choice is yours
ofc playing hard to achieve your goal will make u a lot stronger not in the items but with your brain ;)
so don't judge from the first look